LP Saver™ USB Turntable

Upon learning this new technology that converts all of your old records to CDs, iPod, MP3 or any other digital files. All you need to do to record your records to CD is simply plug this one-of-a-kind three-speed (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM) LP Saver™ USB Turntable right into your PC. It plugs directly into your computer using the included USB cable. In addition, it comes complete with dustcover, and all cables are included.

I remember one of the friends was worried about their wedding VHS video since it happened 15 years ago, the pictures were no longer clear and so with the sounds. With USB Turntable, the quality of the recordings will be improved by eliminating some of the old pops, hisses and static they've acquired over the years.

Thinking to give gift for your dear ones? This is an ideal gift. Wait, why not get one for your mom? I'm sure she will love it!

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