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I am always interested in finding out what my visitors are searching or reading in my website. I have three different sites where I featured dish gardening, gardening and home improvements. I’ve found out that the most viewed and the most searched (using major search engines) contents by my visitors, are all about dish gardening, gardening and home improvements. It feels very rewarding on my part knowing that these topics drive more traffic into my site. At least I have shared useful information about gardening and home improvements.

This time is different. Aside from posting great pictures and tips on gardening, I can also share great resources of dish gardening ideas like the large dish garden filled with a variety of plants for indoor gardening. By visiting Home and Garden Products Buying Guide, you can find valuable products not only for outdoor and garden guides but also for home furnishings and decors, housewares and home maintenance guides, kitchen and dining guides and workshop and home improvement guide. The most important key in using this site is that when you search for a certain item, it will lead you to the different stores online that enables you to compare the prices or identify which item/s are on sale. How’s that? For me I rather have all the prices compared in just one search than searching each store on the net.

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