Gift Cards: Preferred Gifts for Holiday

I first learned how people prefer gift cards when my niece won a gift card prize for Parlor games during Christmas party last year. All winners received gift cards. While I was attending a meeting for volunteers during holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) and after several discussions and presentations on the different programs or activities for the said events, everybody voted gift cards as prizes.

Why do people prefer gift cards than preparing gift items? For recipients, they can buy what they want. It is convenient for both shoppers and the receivers.

The largest third party provider for prepaid gift cards and the creator of Gift Card Mall™ called Blackhawk Network conducted research about holiday shopping and consumer attitudes and they found out that:
  • 70% feel that gift cards are useful gifts for both receivers and senders.
  • 66% think that by purchasing a gift card their money is not wasted
  • 54% feel that they would rather give gift cards than cash
  • 58% still plan on buying gift cards for holidays

Surveys proved that gift cards still the preferred gifts and expected to be the top gift purchase by the consumers.

So go ahead and surprise your loved one with gift cards to spend on what ever they want and surely they will thank you for the experience.

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